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About me

Kieran Given

From the first time I entered ‘’ into a browser, I was hooked by the Internet. No other medium puts so much power in the hands of so many.

What I do

Consult / Design / Photography / Project Management / Ads / SEO / Training

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2000 to present

Internet Junkie since 1998

I started training as a communication designer in 1997 and went self-employed at the turn of the century (2000). I love designing anything and making visual design my full-time job wasn’t hard to do.
The changes in the design and particularly in the internet since 2000 are quite amazing. Nothing stands still. If you don’t keep learning, you’re on your way out. So along with work, it’s my business to keep ahead of the market. We’re constantly observing where things are going and discerning between trends / fashions and true movements or shifts in user-behaviour.

These are some of the things I do:
  • Web consultancy (half-day or full-day Workshops for your company or organisation)

  • E-Commerce – consulting, implementation, interfaces to ERP systems, requirement specifications creation / administration / project management. Customer -: – Agency project management. Product Landing Page / Conversion Optimization (A / B Tests, etc.)

  • adwords – campaign development, optimization, training
  • Training for you or your entire team (SEO, Adwords, HTML5, TYPO3, WordPress, eShops, etc.)
  • Internet Support (TYPO3, WordPress, HTML5, etc.)
  • Corporate identity and design (Workshop, brainstorming, design and CI/CD delivery)
  • Print design (flyer, brochure, magazine, poster, letterhead, etc.)
  • Photography (shootings, portraits, product, studio)
  • Video (story board, shooting, cut, production, mixing, delivery)

team + work

In working with givenmedia, you’re likely at some stage to come into contact with one of the following team players. If you’d like to join the team, send us an email and let’s us know your story.

Peter Murray

Developer / Programmer / TYPO3 Guru

Peter’s the guy for the hard questions, the tough jobs, for things that are sometimes next to impossible. He’s not impressed by the size of any problem. He’s just goes about getting it resolved.

Doris Härter-Given

Telephone, bookkeeping, tax returns, hospitality

Doris has been with givenmedia since the beginning and is vital in keeping accounts up to date, tax returns and likes to turn her hand at hospitality. You’ll occasionally will hear her voice on the phone too.

Mark Hunsmann

Consultancy, design & project management

Mark like Peter, has a very long history with givenmedia having started with an internship many years ago. He brings in new work and occasionally billing and project management.

Charlie Feichtinger

Developer / programmer / guru

Charlie is a bit of a genius. He won’t admit it to anyone, but it’s true. Try and pull the wool over his eyes on any Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL or other programming language topic and you’ll find yourself out of your depth very quickly.

Paul Tilbury

Designer / project manager

Paul loves design, colours and anything German. 🙂 He designs in web and print and will even turn his hand to front-end programming jobs (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript).

Sebastian Duerr

Designer, photographer, videographer

A passionate character who loves design and hates compromises. He loves to give the maximum he can on any project. He’s a trained designer and photographer and has more gear than your average camera store. 🙂

Arnim Schmidt-Dominé

Telephone, project management

You can feel his ‘smile’ on the telephone. He usually is the guy answering the phone if Kieran can’t. He’s been working for givenmedia for around 10 years now and a vital part of the team, making sure your calls get answered and dealt with fast.

Sascha Reinhardt

Mediadesigner, project management

Sascha is a trained media designer and we go back over 20 years, training together at Media Village. He’s a great guy for project managing complex projects, being able to take over the joystick if someone falls ill or needs help.

Andrea Kirsch

Receptionist, telephone, project management

Andrea along with Arnim answers the phone and communicates with the rest of the team, when somethings needs doing or an urgent matter has been overlooked, playing a vital role in keeping the ‘show on the road’. 🙂


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