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Feb 2016 to present

The new school logo

Maria von Linden had a logo that needed modernizing. Initially we just modernized the logo at givenmedia to make it look good on their new website. As soon as the school team saw what we did, they wanted more. That led us to a full-blown ‘CI/CD’ modernization. We started with a workshop and took the steps to modernize and position the logo in simpler, bolder, more easier to recognize steps. We reduced the colours and the shapes in the old logo to give it its current distinct look n’ feel without abandoning its roots and history.

New logo on the left, the old logo on the right

To the left in red, you can see now the new logo that we developed and you can see how it has evolved from the past logo. It’s more of a logo evolution rather than revolution. We have simplified the elements / forms and colours to make it simpler and give the typeface a modern but timeless look too.

The new logo looks well on the inside of the school as well. The red ist bold and gets the attention it deserves.
We created a variety of other possible logo canditates for the school, but knew it would take a lot for the logo evolution to be beaten. In the end, it wasn’t. 🙂

The new school website

The website gives the school like the logo a fresh and vibrant feel. The design is set to a minimum, with the heart of the design being the background images. If you change the background image, you change the entire feel to each and every page, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve but at the same time giving allegiance and respect to the new logo and its authority on the new design.

Creating a new web experience.

Mobile first and last design
Just like we simplified the logo, we wanted to give the new homepage a ‘mobile first’ design, in that we didn’t ‘overdesign’ anything, but focussed on ‘getting out of the way’ and leaving the imagery to do its work. The ‘hamburger menu’ on the top right is a tribute to the ‘mobile first’ ethos and giving mobile users which the majority of the students are … first priority. There is also a sophisticated intranet login area for different user groups. The groups are not limited in quantity or scope of use, but typically for a school, there are 4 groups (teachers, pupils, management and last but not least parents) to can acccess more sensitive information with their own username and password.

The background image sets the scene but isn’t so intrusive that it gets in the way of the content. The navigation on the sub-pages and content in the middle gets enough transparent backgrounds to lift it off the background image and gives the clarity it needs without detracting from the massive impact the background image has.

Mobile first and last – pupils and parents access the site via smartphones and tablets

The majority of kids at any school nowadays will access the site via their mobile phones, so if it doesn’t work on small screens, it doesn’t work for the school.

If you can get the site right on a mobile phone, you work upwards to how it will look on a tablet and last but not least, you want it to look great on a desktop too! 🙂

Mobile first and foremost

Nowadays a web application has to work on mobile frist.
But with a school of up to a 1000 pupils and
the majority with smartphones,
it’s even more vital to get it right.

Team + Work

We’d like to thank Bernd Weimer and Sandra Müller from the school who took on the project lead and challenged us every step of the way to push for the very best. Also thanks to Dr. Birgit Scholl (school head) and Christian Scherer (deputy head).

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