TYPO3 Content Management System (CMS)

We have been working with TYPO3 since 2001. We met in Stuttgart the TYPO3 founder Kasper and have been working with it ever since. It’s ideal for companies or organisations that have more to do online that your standard website. TYPO3 can manage intranets, extranets, and complex page navigations especially when dealing with lots of languages. It handles Chinese, Russian, Arabic (you name it) with ease in the backend for your editing team. If your chinese subsidiary needs the TYPO3 interface in chinese, it’s done in 2 clicks.

What is TYPO3 Content Management System?

With more than 500,000 installations the TYPO3 CMS is the most widely used Enterprise Content Management System, providing the basis for websites, intranets and web & mobile applications worldwide. Starting with small websites for businesses and non-profit organizations, all the way through to large multi-lingual portals for global enterprises, TYPO3 provides the basis for modern content management – always with a focus on the current needs of businesses and public institutions. With its license-cost-free open source approach, TYPO3 is also particularly interesting for small and medium enterprises and municipalities, where startup and ongoing costs for licenced systems can be prohibitive. TYPO3 enables users or website operators to further develop their websites using a solid extensions framework, and to publish and deliver any type of content to multiple devices. As part of the development of a TYPO3 website the developer can rely on a strong community and about 6,000 extensions which offer almost unlimited possibilities. Why TYPO3 is the right Enterprise Content Management System for your company: Open Source is a spirit of its own. No License Costs involved, freely available to you and anybody else. See how it works, as there are no strings attached. Safety First and foremost at TYPO3. Security Bulletins inform about vulnerabilities in the core and 3rd Party Extensions using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). High Scalability for large scale Sites and Portals. Expand with multisites and multilanguages for products, distributors or whatever you need whenever you need. Granular Access Rights – allowing allocation of individual user or group rights for entire websites, pages, subdomains or even for extensions and specific content elements. Professional Service Listing (PSL) provides contact information to web agencies, freelancers and web hosters that have a proven track record of some professional installations and solutions. Extensive Functions for editors are provided by the advanced rich-text-editor with which you can compose all your content in a full-featured, customizable environment. Workspaces, Versioning, Workflows Use workspaces to abstract internal approval processes, versioning to keep track of changes and workflows to provision tasks. Multisites With one central TYPO3 installation you can setup and manage multiple sites that can share users, extensions and more. HTML5 + Mobile ready since version 4.7. TYPO3 CMS supports the future standard for the modern Web – HTML5. Future proof for e.g. mobile apps or “responsive” Websites. Unlimited Extendability with more than 6000 extensions. The TYPO3 Extension Repository helps you finding a solution for your idea.

What TYPO3 Services do we offer?

  • TYPO3 Hosting (Managed Server) or Shared hosting
  • TYPO3 template programming (bootstrap, foundation, individual)
  • TYPO3 training (inhouse or at our training facility in Altensteig)
  • TYPO3 Plugin development (login
  • TYPO3 support (telephone, email or onsite)

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