E-mail newsletters remains the most effective way to acquire customers than social media. It’s nearly 40 times more effectrive than that of Facebook and Twitter combined (Source: McKinsey)

“Newsletters went out of style due to SPAM and the growth of facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. but they never lost their ability to hit the mark every time, when done right.”

A lot of money and budget has been shifted from traditional email marketing to more trendy channels like facebook and twitter, but when it comes down to it, email marketing is still more than 40 times as effective as any social media channel. Don’t take my word for it, take it from McKinsey, one of the biggest consultancies in the world. If you’d like advice on how you can grow your sales and business through email marketing, speak to us today. Kieran Given, givenmedia

1. Target Group

  • Current customers
  • New customers
  • Website visitors

2. Goal orientated

  • Don’t bombard people and waste their time
  • Offer value in every email you send
  • Make a clear ‘call to action’ in each email
  • Don’t SPAM folks, be sensitive to timing and quantity
  • Quality over quantity – send less but better emails that are worth opening

3. Software managed

  • Automate delivery
  • Personalise every email sent
  • Use mobile first designs
  • Can be managed from a desktop or smartphone
Kieran Given, givenmedia

“E-mail is old but gold!”

“Facebook and twitter are more trendy, but good old fashioned email is still the most effective way to reach your audience. Nothing else comes close”
Kieran Given, givenmedia

Newsletter – Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

The great thing about email newsletters is their incredible low-cost. Okay, you have to set them up and you’re going to have to create a newsletter tempolate that matches your business and target audience, but once you do have the ingredients in place, including a professional software, it’s one of the cheapest and cost effective ways to do marketing and sales.

So yes, it will cost initially time and money to setup your newsletter and it will cost time to put together an effective newsletter, but at the end of the day, it knocks other channels like facebook, twitter, adwords, the lot out of the water.

How long does it take to build us a newsletter?

It can be as quick as half a day to numerious days depending on how many channels or target groups you have and how many newsletter templates you’re going to need. The best thing to do is to talk with us and together we can find out a realistic estimate of what you’re going to need.

Can you manage my newsletter campaigns?

Yes, we can and do manage customer’s campaigns either entirely or in part, depending on your team’s capacity and needs at this time. We offer a monthly / annual package. Talk to us and we’ll gladly give you more information on that.

Do you only offer a newsletter service package?

We can offer you a service package that suits your business and your team. If you have a team that can manage the content output (text, imagery, video, etc.) great, we can train that team to manage the emails entirely by themselves using the email software, or if you haven’t got the capacity inhouse, you can outsource the entire process to us and we’ll manage the content creation, image sourcing, newsletter creation, tests and dispatch plus we can even email you reports on how your campaign performs, etc.

What software do you use?

We currently use 4 different software solutions. Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages. It will depend on who you’re trying to reach. For example if you’re only reaching out to the German speaking world (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), we have a software that is hosted in Germany and great for doing that. If on the other hand though, you’re wanting to reach an worldwide audience in different languages, we have a software that can handle that very well. Or another software is very effective if you’re managing an eCommerce Webshop and you need help automating responses, orders, vouchers, birthdays, etc. No one software can do it all well and we keep at the moment 4 different tools in our toolbox depending on your goals and target audience.

Where do I start?

Start by talking to us. We’ll gladly assess with you the best way to get moving. Depending on your needs, we can ascertain if you need a indepth briefing / workshop to establish your goals, markets, objectives, targets and then execute a strategy to hit those targets.

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